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Soul Sistas


Okay.. so here’s the thing. I consider myself a sister goddess (read Mama Gena’s book)…….or as I like to say “story star”. I try to surround myself with other sister goddesses and other story stars. I try to live as juicy as I can. It doesn’t happen all the time…. because I also suffer from PMS. During that time, I am a total fucking bitch goddess…. But you can read about that in another post. Women who declare themselves as story stars have the magic. Hey girls! “You’ve got to fall in love with yourselves first… and then the world will follow.” (Mama Gena) Being authentic is about being true to who you really are and developing intimacy with others based on this  truth.  (throw sex into the mix and you have yourselves a guaranteed orgasm) I’m sorry…this is where my mind goes and I have no control over it. :) Authenticity requires being real.  Declaring this is who I am and I’m not afraid to show you.  It also involves caring about what others …

happy week

Happy Week

As I’ve mentioned… I suffer from PMS very badly. I would like to also note that I never had PMS before I got married. hmmmmmmm…. interesting…. In college, I didn’t even really believe in PMS. I couldn’t relate at all. So many things were different in college… no responsibilities……I never worried about anything… I was so laid back…… Maybe it was so easy because I only had to ever think about myself… and I totally controlled my own life……… I had my own space. I’m thinking that even today….. if I could just live by myself, my PMS might magically go away…. Can you even imagine living alone????…….ahhhhhhhhh. I do love my husband and kids…. very much in fact…… BUT I think it would be the best of both worlds if I could be next-door neighbors with them. Two houses side by side…… How fun would it be to get a booty call from your spouse???? You could do the walk of shame afterwards…… except you wouldn’t be that ashamed. Whining kids…… “sorry I have …