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Embracing the Ebb

Today I woke up…feeling unhealthy…negative….depressed…..feeling the flow of my life and its creativity come to a halt. Slam!  Was it that my kids were home from school invading my precious territory of peace and quiet …..or the weight of needing a job..a big girl job…to make money and provide some independence…Blah. ..or simply the bloated result of the massive amounts of tequila and salt in my steady diet of margaritas as I avoid responsibility, fitness, and progress? Regardless, last week I was flowing….designing a business, creating art and completely inspired….and this week I’m EBBING.  (and No ~ I’m not PMS-ing!) So I set out to enjoy a day of depression without feeling guilty about it, as even optimists are allowed to  wallow in their own misery from time to time.   My idea was to watch a few sad movies, have a good cry, swear, not shower, steal some of my kids’ Halloween candy…and just feel sorry for myself. After my coffee, I went into my bedroom to retreat under my covers and immerse myself …