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Leap Project

She dreamed

Mixed Media Artwork by Andrea Clegg

As part of a new project, I am collecting photographs of people….women, men, children, anyone…..YOU taking a leap.   Read my very own leap and twirl story here to understand the origin of this idea.

I invite you to capture the essence of your spirit with random leaps wherever your days take you. Surprise me with different locations and settings. Schedule a photo shoot with your friend….(after all you’re the star of your story) and take turns leaping and twirling all through town. Whenever that desire to take a leap whether it be in the name of  joy, courage, or just plain insanity overcomes you……….set your soul free. Just be sure to snap the moment up in a pic.  Also, I welcome a summary of what your leap represents for you althought it  isn’t necessary.

Please know that I will be gathering these photos to share on my blog and also to use in creating art.  If you are inspired to create your own art with your photo and then send it to me…that’s fabulous too!  Email your Leap and Twirl photos to aclegg4@yahoo.com with “Project Leap” in the subject line.

Most importantly, have fun with this. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!!!!

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  1. Hi there,
    I just saw your post via flying lessons somehow… or the facebook page.

    beautiful pic there ‘leaping and twirling’ love it….

    xo Denise

  2. Charlotte says


    You leaping, twirling accumulation of kookiness and wit! I am so glad to count you among my friends!!! Ihave shared your blog with several women I know would appreciate your insight and vision. You are simply amazing and you will always come out on top. Life can never keep a free spirited and beautiful soul like you caged!! Can’t wait to see you soon!! With margaritas, of course. Next time we need to have a girls night so everyone can experience you!!!

  3. Hi Andrea,
    just found your blog from flying lessons – love the leaping and twirling!
    Hmmm – flying, leaping & twirling – what a whirlwind time we are having!

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